Cloud 9 Bakers

How did it all start?

With a Bachelors in Business Economics and a Masters in Information Technology, why do I choose to bake? 

Food is my passion. Organic food is my belief. Allergies are real. Organic healthy food made from scratch without allergenic ingredients are the answer to healthy living. 

Even though cooking and baking organic and gluten free is a costly endeavor, my key passion is health through the foods we eat. I was inspired to change my cooking and baking style by my son who developed food allergies to gluten, dairy, soy and a host of other foods as a toddler. The allergic reactions triggered asthma symptoms. Through extensive research I determined that we are what we eat, and I adopted a new medication-free lifestyle for my son by cooking, baking and eating pure organic foods. Health issues of my own led to a celiac sprue diagnosis. 

I have been baking since childhood. The only difference today is that I now use only organic ingredients for everything I bake. Even our coffee is organic and brewed carefully with ionized Kangen water.

In 2010 I opened a wholesale bakery, and my goal was to offer customers the healthiest organic fresh baked gluten free products. All our products are baked from scratch daily on site, using the finest ingredients. Wholesale baked goods were delivered to schools, retail stores and sold at farmers markets.

Increasing demand and encouragement from my family led to the opening of our first dedicated gluten and dairy free retail bakery in San Juan Capistrano, CA, in September 2011. Living through multiple food allergy needs as a family, we understand the growing allergen issues of our day, and we also cater to many other allergen requirements… no corn… no tapioca.... some vegan products… no sugar...casein free etc. Our products are free from corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, colors, non-GMO, additives, peanuts, chemical sugars, and preservatives. All our packaging is also eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Our mission and goal are to create a truly safe environment where people with specialized dietary needs can feel at home. A place where everyone can enjoy pure foods made from scratch. A place where cross contamination is a thing of the past. A place where people can feel at home, and enjoy a variety of treats with family and friends. A place they can relax, and enjoy a dining experience and leave feeling on Cloud 9!

Our Commitment to You

Dedicated Gluten and Dairy free facility

We use only organic ingredients and environmentally sustainable products

We bake fresh daily

Only use free range organic eggs

Products are made without the use of antibiotics, hormones or pesticides

Products are free from hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils

Organic oven-roasted meats and vegetable produce for sandwiches

Our products have NO high fructose corn syrup; wheat, dairy, gluten, bleached white sugar, artificial dyes or colors, or trans fats.