All items are hand baked daily from scratch bread using the finest organic ingredients. We offer nutritional excellence, and our products do not contain artificial dyes or colors, hormones, additives, preservatives, or any harmful chemicals.

We have an extensive list of pastries and dessert offerings. Below is a list of some of the daily various types of baked goods we bake fresh from scratch daily. We get new items frequently so go in every day! Remember its Handcrafted for you.




Lemon Poppyseed

Double Chocolate






Chocolate Chip

- Large (By Order only. Min. Qty 12) -

- Mini (By Order only. Min. Qty 12) -


Whoopi Pies

Pound Cakes



Chocolate Zucchini

Lemon Poppyseed

Oat Bars

Honey Oat

Honey Oat & Coconut

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Coconut


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Organic Handmade Pies

  • Cherry - A sweet, intensely flavorful berry that inevitably finds it way to our tables just in time for Christmas. Fresh, organic sweet dark summer cherries make a thick, syrupy filling that is graced by a melt-in-the-mouth crumble topping. Fresh out the oven, topped with a scoop of ice cream...It's definitely a dream-worthy subject in the dead of winter.   


  • Apple - Refreshing, sweet and tangy organic apples fill the base of this delicious pie. Fresh and hand prepared, the apples are enhances by the spices of the season and topped with a rich crumble. The aroma of cinnamon and hot apple alone are mouth-watering, Every bite is a burst of pure happiness in the mouth, as it decides which beautiful aspect to focus on. Best served HOT. 


  • Pumpkin - This, earthy, rich vegetable cannot be denied during Thanksgiving. The strong, unique flavor of pumpkins, and its smooth texture, infused with warm spices and topped with a  sweet crumble is irresistible. Wherever you are, a warm slice of pumpkin pie, piled high with whipped cream, make you feel at home, and taste even better.  


  • Mango - Exotic. Refreshing and Intense. Unique. Sweet and Tangy. Fresh organic mangoes, bathed in a sweet syrup are sprinkled with a crust that is the perfect definition of soft and crunchy. Delicious served warm with coconut ice cream.


  • Peach - Bring back memories of summer with this brown sugar cinnamon peach pie. Juicy, sweet absolutely delicious topped with your favorite ice cream. 


  • Mixed Berries - Summer does not have to end! This sweet and tangy seasonal blend of fresh organic berries, topped with a mlet-in-your-mouth crumble is as tantalizing as the season from which they come. 


  • Brownie Pie (Dairy free) - Brownie. Pie. Nothing More. Nothing Less.